Monday, June 13, 2005

Plumbing woes

I may have been vaguely thinking of a yarn/shoe diet, but today's visit from the plumber had my eyes rolling like a slot machine with dollar signs showing a big payoff to good old Fuller's Plumbing.

The shower in an upstairs shower suddenly clogged up over the weekend. Little snake didn't do squat. Got big ass snake. It was going good until it hit 'something' and could go no further. Instead of hair, it's bringing up dirt. Oh boy... I now have a hole cut out of the wall in the living room downstairs. Will need to wait a day or two for the water to seep down, so that when the pipes are cut [in my living room, mind you] water won't flood out the carpet and all in its path.

Cutting the pipe is still only a diagnostic measure. We may have to pull up the floor and go under the slab to figure out if a pipe has busted or a tree root has had its way with it. If those damned trees out front are at fault, I swear I'm getting them removed!

Even if it's fixed right after the pipe's cut, we still have to get a drywall specialist to patch wall, and still someone else to paint. If the floor's cut into, then we'll replace the carpets we'd been thinking of doing sometime. I mean, we are talking home loan here. Aay!!!!

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