Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Life goes on

Knitting news first. The pink shapely tank top is about done. After all that worry and amending my Knitpicks order for 10 skeins instead of 7, looks like 7 will do just fine. I figured since I had the extra, I'd do the sleeves, but they are just NOT working out. Followed directions, but what I'm getting will not fit into the armhole. Will put the tank together, try it on, then probably just keep it as a tank. I LOVE the Knitpicks cotton shine yarn. 3 skeins of sport weight might be enough for a baby sweater and/or booties. It's machine washable and dryable, so I'll experiment with the left overs.

Plumbing and hole in the living room. After cutting the pipe in the living room and snaking it some more, I now have flowing water. There is some sort of metal blocking half the pipe, but it has apparently been there since the house was built back in the 1960s. So we figure it can stay there since the atlernative is to take a jackhammer to my kitchen floor. I will be putting some Bio Clean down the drain monthly to help get through my wild curly hair that goes down the drain. It only cost $400 to 'fix'. The drywall repairman comes tomorrow.

Good news! My youngest daughter attending community college got accepted to University of San Diego as a business major. She starts in the fall with a class standing between a sophomore and junior. She'll be living at home for the time being. Alas, it's a private school, so I really will have to go on a yarn and shoe diet!

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