Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jumped on Cotton Ease bandwagon

All this talk about this yarn being discontinued.... Looked at some when I went up to Hancock's with a Sewing Guild member to deliver the 16 quilts our neighborhood group for St. Jude's. Nothing really spoke to me, although I liked the fuschia color "bubblegum", I couldn't think of what to make with it.

Then today, while looking at Chicknits blog, I followed the link to this

It's in EXACTLY the same color I'd been eyeballing and is perfect for me. I prefer 3/4 sleeves and I've been wearing the heck out of the tank top I'd just finished in a cotton yarn. So, after I went to Two Sisters & Ewe for their open house and knit in, I swung by JoAnn's. Wouldn't you know they had the Cotton Ease on sale. There was enough of the color I wanted all with the same dyelot, then I got some in the light purple to try another tank top. 12 skeins total. BUT, with the sale, ASG discount of another 10%, and my JoAnn's gift card 'cause I have a JoAnn Visa, it ended up being a GREAT deal.

I'm going to start my swatches ASAP, but I'm determined to finish my Pink Ribbons Socks before I start yet another project. But then, the sweater and tank have lots of plain stockinette which makes them good take along or TV watching projects. Sigh....

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