Monday, June 06, 2005

A day without internet

I'm in a foul mood! The internet cut out this morning. The blinking lights on the modem were not doing their thing. This means all the computers around the house can't commune with the outside world. Recorded message on Cox said outage in our area, no scheduled up time. I hate my routine being messed with. I did knit for a bit, then hubby and I went out to see Star Wars. Came back, still no internet. Call. Get repair technician. Has me do all sorts of plug unplug, turn on and off crap. Has me delete all my cookies and temporary internet pages. No joy. Gives me a code and forwards me on to a level 2 technician. While we are talking about what the other guy had me do, the lights come back on. No reason, but all better. Now I just had to make sure everything gets plugged back to the way it was. THEN I cope with having erased my cookies. That means signing in to all my favorite sites.

It was strange. I felt so isolated with no internet. On a positive note, the movie was good and my Knitpicks order of yarn arrived. I even did some swatching with the cotton yarn for the shapely tee while waiting for the internet.

Hey, Inky... let me know when you get that swift and yarn winder :> The lace weight yarn came in hanks needing to be wound up. With my workshop on summer hiatus, I don't have access to the ones there.

Uploaded some pix. Finished socks and a shot of some of my shoes. I'm trying to get pretty handknit socks to match all my Birks....

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Inky said...

oooo it's birki HEAVEN :) i'm envious of just having that much space for shoes!! and yes'm as soon as the ball winder and swift comes i'll let ya know and we can have a ball winding fiesta!!