Sunday, June 12, 2005

Busy week

I've been working on the shapely tank top in cotton shine yarn in between enjoying what San Diego has to offer. We went to Cabrillo National monument on the one warm week day, then to a Padres game Friday night. Too much game libations led me to sleep in on Saturday, so I wasn't there when Two Sisters and Ewe opened up at 9 am for their anniversary sale. Did snag some Cascade 220 Tweed for a vest and some suede yarn to try the Ugg booties. And some shiney stuff I want to use with a strand of something else in a border. Only $65 worth of damage. Like Inky, I really need to go on a yarn diet. But there's so much yummy yarn out there.

After the yarn sale, tried to hook up with other San Diego knitters in Balboa Park, but only 2 others showed up and left early. I'd been looking forward to it, so was disappointed. Today I worked a shift at the County Fair at the American Sewing Guild booth. Tomorrow, it's a sewing guild meeting while DH waits on the plumber. Our shower drain decided to quit over the weekend.

One really cool thing I discovered was that with my library card, I can access NetLibrary on the internet to download full length audio books to my computer. When I stop buying yarn, then I could buy myself an IPOD type player to transfer the file to a portable device. Right now, I'm tethered to my computer by a really long cord as I listen to my novel. It doesn't reach the comfy couch pictured, but does reach a good seating area, so I knit on.

The Pink ribbons socks are on hold until the tank top is done. I still don't think I'll have enough yarn, so my enthusiasm is waning.

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