Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cotton Ease yet again

I did about 4 inches of the Sitcom Chic cardigan and REALLY like the way the yarn is working up and draping. Thoughts of all those colors still at JoAnn's won't give me any peace.

So I go back to buy another 22 skeins! The light purple is from yesterday. Got enough for a long sleeved sweater in the darker blue and tanks from the other colors.

I know I went overboard, but I got matching dyelots and even with tax, each skein came in under $3 for 207 yds of cotton/ acrylic blend.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Yarn stash management

This wonderful storage area is in the downstairs hall closet where we hang our jackets. This is behind the pole and under the stairs. A couple of the boxes contain fabric remnants, others acrylics. The big bag on the left has my acrylic sock yarns [Hot Sox] and the bag behind it my other sock yarns. Note my newest acquisitions - the Cotton Ease in hot pink and light purple.

I swatched the Cotton Ease and both are exactly on gauge for the projects intended. That's never happened to me before. 4 skeins will give me a tank top. On sale, that's less than $12 total. There's a little room on that shelf and a couple of more colors I like sitting at the JoAnn's near me....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jumped on Cotton Ease bandwagon

All this talk about this yarn being discontinued.... Looked at some when I went up to Hancock's with a Sewing Guild member to deliver the 16 quilts our neighborhood group for St. Jude's. Nothing really spoke to me, although I liked the fuschia color "bubblegum", I couldn't think of what to make with it.

Then today, while looking at Chicknits blog http://www.chicknits.com/rambles/, I followed the link to this http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTsitcomchic.html

It's in EXACTLY the same color I'd been eyeballing and is perfect for me. I prefer 3/4 sleeves and I've been wearing the heck out of the tank top I'd just finished in a cotton yarn. So, after I went to Two Sisters & Ewe for their open house and knit in, I swung by JoAnn's. Wouldn't you know they had the Cotton Ease on sale. There was enough of the color I wanted all with the same dyelot, then I got some in the light purple to try another tank top. 12 skeins total. BUT, with the sale, ASG discount of another 10%, and my JoAnn's gift card 'cause I have a JoAnn Visa, it ended up being a GREAT deal.

I'm going to start my swatches ASAP, but I'm determined to finish my Pink Ribbons Socks before I start yet another project. But then, the sweater and tank have lots of plain stockinette which makes them good take along or TV watching projects. Sigh....

Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Shapely" tank top is done. I didn't do the waist shaping, since I lost my waist somewhere along the line [BTW, if you find it, I'd like it back!]. I already threw it in the washing machine and dryer. Have I told you how much I love this Knitpicks cotton shine yarn? It only took 7 skeins, so I'm trying out a baby sweater from the Summer issue of Knits with the leftovers.

Here's my new toy, a 512 MB personal MP3 type player. I can also tune into FM radio. I've got music on it now, but will be using it to download full length audio books available through my library and NetLibrary for free checkout.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My favorite photo of me and my daddy. I read Crazy Aunt Purl's blog [doesn't everybody?] and she posted her favorite photo of her dad and her and I thought it was a great idea even though she's down on marriage these days. My dad is now 'gone' but the 1979 marriage is still going strong. Dad loved me no matter what. Geez, I miss him.

Life goes on

Knitting news first. The pink shapely tank top is about done. After all that worry and amending my Knitpicks order for 10 skeins instead of 7, looks like 7 will do just fine. I figured since I had the extra, I'd do the sleeves, but they are just NOT working out. Followed directions, but what I'm getting will not fit into the armhole. Will put the tank together, try it on, then probably just keep it as a tank. I LOVE the Knitpicks cotton shine yarn. 3 skeins of sport weight might be enough for a baby sweater and/or booties. It's machine washable and dryable, so I'll experiment with the left overs.

Plumbing and hole in the living room. After cutting the pipe in the living room and snaking it some more, I now have flowing water. There is some sort of metal blocking half the pipe, but it has apparently been there since the house was built back in the 1960s. So we figure it can stay there since the atlernative is to take a jackhammer to my kitchen floor. I will be putting some Bio Clean down the drain monthly to help get through my wild curly hair that goes down the drain. It only cost $400 to 'fix'. The drywall repairman comes tomorrow.

Good news! My youngest daughter attending community college got accepted to University of San Diego as a business major. She starts in the fall with a class standing between a sophomore and junior. She'll be living at home for the time being. Alas, it's a private school, so I really will have to go on a yarn and shoe diet!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The centerpiece of my living room. Got to love an old house.

This just can't be good. I thought it was a hair ball, but dirt?

Plumbing woes

I may have been vaguely thinking of a yarn/shoe diet, but today's visit from the plumber had my eyes rolling like a slot machine with dollar signs showing a big payoff to good old Fuller's Plumbing.

The shower in an upstairs shower suddenly clogged up over the weekend. Little snake didn't do squat. Got big ass snake. It was going good until it hit 'something' and could go no further. Instead of hair, it's bringing up dirt. Oh boy... I now have a hole cut out of the wall in the living room downstairs. Will need to wait a day or two for the water to seep down, so that when the pipes are cut [in my living room, mind you] water won't flood out the carpet and all in its path.

Cutting the pipe is still only a diagnostic measure. We may have to pull up the floor and go under the slab to figure out if a pipe has busted or a tree root has had its way with it. If those damned trees out front are at fault, I swear I'm getting them removed!

Even if it's fixed right after the pipe's cut, we still have to get a drywall specialist to patch wall, and still someone else to paint. If the floor's cut into, then we'll replace the carpets we'd been thinking of doing sometime. I mean, we are talking home loan here. Aay!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Busy week

I've been working on the shapely tank top in cotton shine yarn in between enjoying what San Diego has to offer. We went to Cabrillo National monument on the one warm week day, then to a Padres game Friday night. Too much game libations led me to sleep in on Saturday, so I wasn't there when Two Sisters and Ewe opened up at 9 am for their anniversary sale. Did snag some Cascade 220 Tweed for a vest and some suede yarn to try the Ugg booties. And some shiney stuff I want to use with a strand of something else in a border. Only $65 worth of damage. Like Inky, I really need to go on a yarn diet. But there's so much yummy yarn out there.

After the yarn sale, tried to hook up with other San Diego knitters in Balboa Park, but only 2 others showed up and left early. I'd been looking forward to it, so was disappointed. Today I worked a shift at the County Fair at the American Sewing Guild booth. Tomorrow, it's a sewing guild meeting while DH waits on the plumber. Our shower drain decided to quit over the weekend.

One really cool thing I discovered was that with my library card, I can access NetLibrary on the internet to download full length audio books to my computer. When I stop buying yarn, then I could buy myself an IPOD type player to transfer the file to a portable device. Right now, I'm tethered to my computer by a really long cord as I listen to my novel. It doesn't reach the comfy couch pictured, but does reach a good seating area, so I knit on.

The Pink ribbons socks are on hold until the tank top is done. I still don't think I'll have enough yarn, so my enthusiasm is waning.

I did not make this!!! Pat from my knitting workshop did. She loves making these exquisite multicolored garments. She's giving this set to her church so they can raffle it off. It will be raffled as two separate garments. One of my knitting goals is to work with color, but THIS? Maybe in another 20 years. Notice the blue ribbon it earned at the county fair...

Shapely Tank Top. Finished the front. Love the idea of short rows to make darts. I am in love with the Knitpicks Cotton Shine yarn. So soft and drapey. I'm already trying to figure out what else I could make. If this tank turns out as well as I hope it will, I can see it in more colors and with different edgings. Will even do the tee version.

Here's the monster couch I got when I replaced the sofa bed we gave DD when she moved to her own place. I swear, it looked smaller in the show room and doesn't match the chair AT ALL. But it sure is comfy and where I knit, read, watch TV.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New shoes

Forgot to mention I bought 2 new pairs of shoes today. Only have but so many storage cubicles, so will have to do some rearranging and doubling up. First pair are flip flops. Youngest daughter had these with arches. Asked her about them - Rainbows, available at surf shops, cost $45 plus. As if that would discourage me! Got a pair on toes as we speak. Then went over to Favorite Shoe Shop [meaning good for Old Ladies who want comfort, regardless of the price because my toes are so worth it] The Walking Company in Fashion Valley. Looking for some black, sort of dressy, but still okay to walk in, sandals. These guys never let me down. Dansko brand, a mere low 3 digit number.

Looked at my toes in new shoes. Promptly got a pedicure. Don't I just love being retired?


I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Maybe it's the wine, but I just won two tickets to the San Diego Fair from Fox 6.... Yay!!!!

Every morning while watching the news [I already told you we, as former military types, still get up at oh-dark-thirty and watch the early morning news] Used to watch one channel, but hate the new weather guy and switched over to channel 6, aka FOX. They've got this Couch Potato thing where they give a word, you go over to their website, put in the word and get 100 points. Well, I've been doing this for several months now and wondering what to do with my points. Entered a few raffles for $25,000 worth of good stuff, but nothing's come of it.

Bob and I go to the Fair every year. Saw they had an opportunity to "buy" a pair of tix with points, but it has been saying "coming soon" for the last few days. I've been stalking the site. Just signed in and was able to snag one of 25 pairs of tix available in the San Diego area. Doesn't take much to make me happy. Bob's happy too. He's the one who's up before me, usually letting me know what the word of the day is. [He gets up 1st, makes coffee, then I crawl out of bed, make bed, drink coffee. Now you know WAY TOO MUCH about my mornings!]

So, this year, the fair will only cost us parking. I will be at the Fair this Sunday at the ASG- American Sewing Guild - booth from 1 to 4 pm. It's in the Hobby building if any of you San Diegans are out there are at the Fair, come say hi. I use my free vendor's pass to get there before my booth shift to check out the what's for sale and make my purchases without dearest Bob getting bored. I busted the blade on my ratchet anvil trimmer and NEED to get another. We go back together on a different day just to enjoy the fair and check out one of the shows. We already picked out 1 July as our day, so we can see the comedian Bob Engvall.

OTN: Got my Knitpicks cotton Shine yarn. Did a swatch and have done a couple of inches on the front of the Shapely Tank. Did some measuring and hope to have that short row shaping for the more than B cup Booblies inserted at the proper [low] point. Will work on tank and socks at same time. Cotton yarn tends to make my hands hurt, so will take a break from the tank to work on second Pink Ribbons sock. Both are pink, so it feels like the same project.

Monday, June 06, 2005

A day without internet

I'm in a foul mood! The internet cut out this morning. The blinking lights on the modem were not doing their thing. This means all the computers around the house can't commune with the outside world. Recorded message on Cox said outage in our area, no scheduled up time. I hate my routine being messed with. I did knit for a bit, then hubby and I went out to see Star Wars. Came back, still no internet. Call. Get repair technician. Has me do all sorts of plug unplug, turn on and off crap. Has me delete all my cookies and temporary internet pages. No joy. Gives me a code and forwards me on to a level 2 technician. While we are talking about what the other guy had me do, the lights come back on. No reason, but all better. Now I just had to make sure everything gets plugged back to the way it was. THEN I cope with having erased my cookies. That means signing in to all my favorite sites.

It was strange. I felt so isolated with no internet. On a positive note, the movie was good and my Knitpicks order of yarn arrived. I even did some swatching with the cotton yarn for the shapely tee while waiting for the internet.

Hey, Inky... let me know when you get that swift and yarn winder :> The lace weight yarn came in hanks needing to be wound up. With my workshop on summer hiatus, I don't have access to the ones there.

Uploaded some pix. Finished socks and a shot of some of my shoes. I'm trying to get pretty handknit socks to match all my Birks....

Birkenstock collection. I'm wearing a pair and two pairs of the totally enclosed kind are in boxes in a closet down the hall. Can you find the 32 pairs in their allocated spaces? BTW, there are 3 more of the brown storage units [ 9 spots each] the camera couldn't capture in the shot, but no Birkis there. I have had to double up some of the others.

My sample rib socks are done. I even washed them. Something got on one while at the Whistlestop, but it's all good

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sometimes I worry about myself.....

You know when you wake up and you're in that in between state? As I start to focus on the real world instead of what was happening in the dreams I almost remember, I had a startling revelation....

Yesterday, I ordered more yarn. This time from Knitpicks. Some lace weight alpaca for my first lace project and some sport weight cotton blend for the White Lies Shapely Tee tank top - a free pattern BTW. I ordered 7 - 110 yard skeins for the tee. The pattern calls for 700 yards in my size and the next two sizes up, so I have plenty, or so I think. In my semi dream state, it dawns on me: The pattern calls for DK weight and I bought sport. I can adjust the number of stitches to make it work. BUT WAIT!!!! I WON'T HAVE ENOUGH YARN! I get out of bed. Check the pattern to confirm. Think of ways of making the tee with different dyelotted yarn. Check email, get a message from Knitpicks about some other yarn. I take it as a SIGN. I call the 800 number on the email I'd received about my order. The person on the other end thinks it's too late to throw in some more skeins to my order, but checks anyway. I'm in luck, I can amend the order. I add 3 skeins so I can have 1100 yards to make the tank top. Life is good.

Now I can have my coffee and relax. Another military benefit. I still get up early even though I'm retired. With husband planning to play golf, my big plans for the day are mopping the kitchen floor, but I get up anyway. All this happened before 7 am.