Saturday, May 14, 2005

The week in review

I wish I had the time to do everything! I got some great books for Mother's Day, The Motorcycle Diaries and one by Charlaine Harris. Put them with my 400 plus TBR [to be read] stack of novels.

Monday was Sewing Guild meeting day. We worked on finishing the quilts for St. Jude's. My ugly quilt made 1 of 13. Outstanding for the 8 or so people who worked on them. Mostly by Janice, the group leader and accomplished quilter. There were 2 of us who had never really quilted before and we needed a lot of hand holding. Still had to take my quilt home to finish hand tying. I also took another, prettier one to complete.

So there was no knitting on Monday.

Tuesday through Thursday had me preparing and working on sewing the stuff for the daybed in my daughter's old room. She moved out to her own place and the only thing left is this daybed. Ideas have been percolating, and fabrics purchased. I lugged my sewing stuff - table, machines, cutting and ironing boards, and miscellaneous tools upstairs to the room. I haven't been using a pattern, just measuring and putting the stuff on the bed for size.

So far I've completed a dust ruffle, a fitted bedspread, 2 bolster covers and 5 pillow coverings. Almost done. 2 more pillows, then a valance and chair cover. Very little knitting has occured.

Did knitting workshop on Friday. Learned how to insert set in sleeve with crochet instead of sewing. Liked it.

Went to Padres baseball game. Happy hour in the Gaslamp. We won!

Maybe more knitting next week

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