Friday, May 27, 2005

Is there such a thing as too much yarn?

Herrschners had a sale on Hot Sox yarn. I KNOW it's acrylic, so PLEASE don't get on my case. I like it, especially for gifts when I know the recipient won't take good or any care of the socks I make them. For $1.27 a skein with no shipping for a $25 order, I couldn't resist. They are all solids. I bought 21 skeins. I double checked my stash to make sure I did not have the colors.

I finished my Peasant Pullover sweater last night and washed it right away. I realize that everyone's asleep, so I could play with my yarn stash to see what I really had in that hall closet under the stairs, behind the clothes pole. Not that DH would say anything, but I do tend to go overboard. [Doesn't everybody have over 100 pairs of shoes, 35 of which are Birkenstocks?]

I fondled, sorted and counted. I took a photo of the wool and acrylic stashes, my leftovers and the single skeins I bought to build socks from the leftovers. Then I went into the recesses of the closet that goes back about 6 feet beyond the hanging coats and sweaters and has 3 shelves plus floor space. Oh boy, I already have enough for 47 pairs, plus 13 single skeins to mix and match.

The thing is, the new yarn store in Bonita opens Monday, so I HAVE to go and support my LYS. Then of course Two Sisters and EWE is having there big sale on the 11th of June.

I've got to knit faster.

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