Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Disneyland for grumps

A few weeks back, I won $100 Bonus cash from KSON [yes, I love country music] and BTW, they included 4 one day park hopper passes. It's probably been 10 years since I had been and that was with a Girl Scout troop. Back then I took a nap in the parking lot 'cause the park closed at midnight and I was driving a load of girls back to San Diego. I digress....

Bob and I took off yesterday at about 8 am to crawl our way up the 5. Being a manly man, dear Bob drove. I almost finished the cuff on the black worsted cable socks. Natural light is wonderful when working with black. At home, it's the trusty Ott lamp for me.

We'd never been to California Adventure and spent more than half the day there. New to me was Downtown Disney where we had an excellent meal at the Jazz Kitchen and some Hurricanes. I discovered this marvelous concoction last year on our 25th Anniversary trip to New Orleans. Tastes just like Kool Aid!

Late afternoon brought us into Disneyland. Some new stuff, but mostly the same. The castle was repainted for the 50th celebration. We kept on thinking it looked a lot like Las Vegas, but smaller. Then we remembered why we stopped coming to Disney. The crowds. Even on a Monday when kids are supposed to be in school it was too much for me. Now, one would think since I grew up in New York City, a few million people would not bother me. But New Yorkers know how to BEHAVE. There are rules in crowds that New Yorkers learn at an early age, like no running into people or trying to shove them aside. You could easily get killed for such a breach of etiquette. Oh, but not at Disney. People don't watch their kids, or apparently teach them manners. Waiting for the street parade, we had our patch of sidewalk. There was about 1 square foot of 'empty' space next to me when a family of 5 with a stroller the size of a mini van says, "Let's get that space." I had been standing, so I loudly told my husband I was tired and sat down. My big butt finally came in handy. We had to stand when the parade started, as the riot police disguised as Disney cast members ordered us to. I could actually see. But then this woman with a baby who showed up late, shoves her infant in my face and asks to get in front of me, promising to sit down. I tell her the no sit rule. She thinks I'm lying. I am such a bitch.

Bob and I simultaneously decide to skip fireworks. We fight our way out of the park. It's too dark to knit on the way home, but traffic is good and we listen to the Padres beat Atlanta, so it's a great ride, especially since I'm not driving.

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