Sunday, May 08, 2005

After reading on Knitlist how AWFUL it was to keep your circulars in their original packages, I liberated my mish mash of non Addis with the tightly curled cables. Made this fancy cardboard holder [patent pending!] affixed to a classy coathanger with twist ties. I even took a hair dryer to them and they seemed to relax. I am still abusing the Addis in their original bags, because the cables behave just fine. These are my backups anyway and can stay in the family room closet whereas the Addis can easily hit the road as needed.


tania said...

do tell, why is it so awful?

Tania said...

Keeping some cables coiled up tightly in their original packages encourages the cables to retain its spring-like look. Kinked up cables are a pain to work with. I don't have that problem with the Addis, but do with the Boye and Susan Bates ones. The heat from the hair dryer relaxed them and storing them hanging up keeps them unkinked.