Thursday, May 12, 2005

100 Things about me

Well, 65....

1. My first language was Spanish, but now my English is better.
2. I grew up in the South Bronx.
3. I met my husband when we were stationed in Spain.
4. I surprise myself by how conservative I’ve become.
5. I can read while doing simple knitting.
6. Country music is my favorite.
7. I have 2 adult daughters.
8. I grew up in a 4 room tenement apartment, sharing a bedroom with my older brothers until I was 12
9. My feet have grown to a size 9 ½. Usually a European size 40 fits best.
10. I am a shoe a holic and try to keep my collection down to 110 pairs.
11. I have 35 pairs of Birkenstocks
12. My hair is so tightly curly, I often just get it completely hacked off.
13. My husband is a Southerner.
14. I retired from the US Navy back in 96.
15. I did my undergraduate work at Princeton.
16. I studied Fashion Design at Mesa Community College with my GI Bill benefits.
17. I sew. A lot.
18. I taught high school Spanish in Massachusetts before joining the Navy.
19. My oldest brother died in 1977. He was 32.
20. My aunt taught me to knit and crochet when I was a preschooler. She only speaks Spanish.
21. I alphabetized my record, tape and CD collection.
22. I like to look at other people’s toes.
23. I read romance novels and have over 400 in my TBR [to be read] pile, which is, of course, alphabetized.
24. I am not an animal person and really, really dislike cats
25. I’m a bit of a neat freak.
26. We've been married since 1979.
27. I got my Masters Degree from the University of Rhode Island when I was stationed in Newport.
28. I still have my original Sears sewing machine I got back in college.
29. I also got a Boye Needlemaster set in college. Still have that too.
30. I am not the family cook.
31. I like to iron.
32. I watch entirely too much TeeVee.
33. I used to be a Navy officer with the rank of Commander.
34. I prefer to exercise outdoors and should have never joined that danged health club.
35. I sew garments and don’t see the point of quilting.
36. I feel naked if I leave the house without penciling in my overtweezed eyebrows.
37. Every year, I interview prospective Princeton applicants.
38. I’m photography buff and have around 30 hard copy photo albums – organized by date.
39. Although I spend a lot of money, I’m basically a cheapskate.
40. It bothers me to leave the house unless it’s tidy.
41. I keep copies of my digital photos stored in at least 2 different drives with backups in a safe deposit box on CDs.
42. I have collected old family photos from relatives, digitized and repaired them, and provided CDs of the collection to all as Xmas gifts.
43. I drive a PT Cruiser
44. I make my bed before I leave my bedroom in the morning.
45. I have personally driven across country 7 times as the only driver, 3 of which I was alone in the car.
46. I’m fat because I eat and drink too much and don’t exercise enough. No excuses. My genes and metabolism are just fine.
47. I turn on the computer and check my email before my 1st cup of morning coffee.
48. My toes are usually pedicured, but my hands sport unpolished nails.
49. I was on the faculty of the US Naval Academy
50. I have lived in my current home since 1991. I have never lived anywhere this long.
51. If I were to win a big lottery, I’d use some to remodel this old 1960s era house.
52. My favorite type of vacation is a road trip exploring new places.
53. I have been to 48 of 50 states. Only North Dakota and Alaska are left.
54. When I was in college, I participated in a march on the United Nations.
55. I love to knit socks.
56. My style of Continental knitting is known as the combined method.
57. My DH and I have each agreed to never dye our hair.
58. I do not have any tatoos
59. I have never had braces.
60. I like novels about vampires and other supernatural characters.
61. My current favorite author is Charlaine Harris.
62. I watch all the CSI and Law & Order shows.
63. We have 4 TVs, but none in any of the bedrooms.
64. We also have 5 computers – 2 desktops and 3 laptops on a wireless home network.
65. Our household has 3 people.


Pam said...

As I was reading your list I saw we had some things in common, like, 25,30,40,44,and 55. I thought I was just weird about neatness, now I see I'm not! LOL.
I also got a kick out of #46. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tania, I've always wondered what #56 looks like, guess I'll get to see it demonstrated on the cruise?