Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sampler socks pattern

These are the ribbings my instructor wrote out for us from a stitch guide. Put the dividing ridge between each ribbing. You decide how long or short you want each section. After last dividing ridge, do about 5-10 rounds plain stocking stitch. Do your preferred heel and toe for the foot.

I started out with 64 stitches. Cast on with size 3, then worked in size 1.

RIBBING FOR SOCKS (all worked in rounds)
DIVIDING RIDGE: K1 round, P 3 rounds, K 1 round

Ribbing #1 [64 stitches]Multiple of 2 Rnd 1 & 2: P Rnd 3 & 4: K1, P1
Dividing Ridge [ inc 1]

Ribbing #2 [65 stitches]Multiple of 5 Rnd 1: K3, P2 Rnd 2: K1, P1, K1, P2
Dividing Ridge [ dec 1]

Ribbing #3 [64 stitches]Multiple of 4 Rnd 1, 2 & 4: K3, P1 Rnd 3: YO, sl 1, K2 tog, psso, M1 (lift the bar), P1
Dividing Ridge

Ribbing #4 [64 stitches]Multiple of 4 Rnd 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6: K1, P3 Rnd 5: K1, P2 tog, YO, P1
Dividing Ridge

Ribbing #5 [64 stitches]Multiple of 4 Rnd 1: K Rnd 2: P3, K1 Rnd 3: P2, K2 Rnd 4: P1, K3 Rnd 5: K Rnd 6: P1, K3 Rnd 7: P2, K2 Rnd 8: P3, K1 Rnd 9: P Repeat from Rnd 2
Dividing Ridge [dec 1]

Ribbing #6 [63 stitches]Multiple of 3 Rnd 1, 2 & 3: K2, P1 Rnd 4: P
Dividing Ridge [inc 1]

Knit _____ rounds [64 stitches], start heel

The Pink Ribbons Socks are coming along too. I put in my new favorite heel, the thick garter stitch one with short rows. These are only the first socks of each pair, so this is what I'll be working on for a while.

These are my Sampler Socks. Charlie, my workshop instructor, found some ribbings she thought might be good for socks. Thought they'd make a cute leg. What I'm most happy about is the garter stitch heel. Thick and cushy. It's from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Will do a garter stitch toe, too.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Is there such a thing as too much yarn?

Herrschners had a sale on Hot Sox yarn. I KNOW it's acrylic, so PLEASE don't get on my case. I like it, especially for gifts when I know the recipient won't take good or any care of the socks I make them. For $1.27 a skein with no shipping for a $25 order, I couldn't resist. They are all solids. I bought 21 skeins. I double checked my stash to make sure I did not have the colors.

I finished my Peasant Pullover sweater last night and washed it right away. I realize that everyone's asleep, so I could play with my yarn stash to see what I really had in that hall closet under the stairs, behind the clothes pole. Not that DH would say anything, but I do tend to go overboard. [Doesn't everybody have over 100 pairs of shoes, 35 of which are Birkenstocks?]

I fondled, sorted and counted. I took a photo of the wool and acrylic stashes, my leftovers and the single skeins I bought to build socks from the leftovers. Then I went into the recesses of the closet that goes back about 6 feet beyond the hanging coats and sweaters and has 3 shelves plus floor space. Oh boy, I already have enough for 47 pairs, plus 13 single skeins to mix and match.

The thing is, the new yarn store in Bonita opens Monday, so I HAVE to go and support my LYS. Then of course Two Sisters and EWE is having there big sale on the 11th of June.

I've got to knit faster.

Most of my sock yarn stash. Looking at this, wouldn't you buy an additional 21 skeins?

Finished the Peasant Pullover last night. Couldn't wait to wash it and block it. I'm done with sweaters for a while. It's too hot for large projects.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Didn't win any yarn money...

Just got back from a 3 night stay in Las Vegas. I should have knit more and played those slots less. No winnings for Tania. I consider it a successful trip when the money I allot for gambling lasts all 3 days and it did....

I did get most of the second sleeve of the Peasant Pullover done while in the car when it was not my turn to drive. Did some knitting in the hotel room too. We stayed downtown in the Fremont Street area. The weather was near record setting hot 105 on Monday. Cooled down to 101 today. At 11 pm I don't expect it to be 91. We went to a couple of shows and buffets. Lots of street bands. We did not venture far because it was too danged hot. I even read a book. Overall a relaxing time. Which I NEED... I'm retired so I have to vary my relaxation. Happy to be home in San Diego. Temps in the 70's and my high speed internet. Didn't even take any photos. Will take pix and let everyone know about the new yarn store in Bonita which opens next Monday. It sure would have been nice to have won some extra dough....

Friday, May 20, 2005

One excuse for lack of knitting lately is done. The only piece of furniture DD left when she moved to her own place was this daybed. One of the brass knobs in the front busted off and she thought it was beyond saving. I took off the other knob in the front and made button like covers for them from the palm fabric. You can't see the other two wedge bolsters behind the pillows. They are in the palm fabric too. Now to find some end tables.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pink Ribbons socks just started.

Finished up some second socks

I have no single socks left - except for the one I don't think I'll ever make because I don't like the first sock. It was an experiment with acrylic microfiber from Feb 2004. Maybe if someone ever needs slouch socks to use as slippers.... But there are so many really interesting sock yarns out there to waste time working on something you hate.

I've got 2 sweaters in progress, but need to have socks OTN because they are portable and often don't require much attention. Perfect to take along for Knitting in Public or road trips. So, as soon as I finished all my socks, I started another pair. Pink ribbon socks! Using Dalegarn Baby Ull. It's 100% wool, so I got some pink Wooly Nylon for reinforcement. I think I'll use it with the entire foot. We're going to Las Vegas next week and I'll get to knit in the car. I only drive halfway, so I've got almost 3 straight hours of knitting time.

Black Cherry and Berry Blue Kool Aid Socks are done. Strange pooling and they are quite bright. Hmm.. they are so comfy being 100% merino. Maybe tone them down some?

I'm on a Grape Kool Aid kick which is not good since it's one of the colors that isn't very strong. Two envelopes toned down the color, but still not me.

Three more envelopes and I'm done

Worsted weight black socks in Wool Ease. I ran a strand of Wooly Nylon for the entire sock. These are some sturdy socks!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Disneyland for grumps

A few weeks back, I won $100 Bonus cash from KSON [yes, I love country music] and BTW, they included 4 one day park hopper passes. It's probably been 10 years since I had been and that was with a Girl Scout troop. Back then I took a nap in the parking lot 'cause the park closed at midnight and I was driving a load of girls back to San Diego. I digress....

Bob and I took off yesterday at about 8 am to crawl our way up the 5. Being a manly man, dear Bob drove. I almost finished the cuff on the black worsted cable socks. Natural light is wonderful when working with black. At home, it's the trusty Ott lamp for me.

We'd never been to California Adventure and spent more than half the day there. New to me was Downtown Disney where we had an excellent meal at the Jazz Kitchen and some Hurricanes. I discovered this marvelous concoction last year on our 25th Anniversary trip to New Orleans. Tastes just like Kool Aid!

Late afternoon brought us into Disneyland. Some new stuff, but mostly the same. The castle was repainted for the 50th celebration. We kept on thinking it looked a lot like Las Vegas, but smaller. Then we remembered why we stopped coming to Disney. The crowds. Even on a Monday when kids are supposed to be in school it was too much for me. Now, one would think since I grew up in New York City, a few million people would not bother me. But New Yorkers know how to BEHAVE. There are rules in crowds that New Yorkers learn at an early age, like no running into people or trying to shove them aside. You could easily get killed for such a breach of etiquette. Oh, but not at Disney. People don't watch their kids, or apparently teach them manners. Waiting for the street parade, we had our patch of sidewalk. There was about 1 square foot of 'empty' space next to me when a family of 5 with a stroller the size of a mini van says, "Let's get that space." I had been standing, so I loudly told my husband I was tired and sat down. My big butt finally came in handy. We had to stand when the parade started, as the riot police disguised as Disney cast members ordered us to. I could actually see. But then this woman with a baby who showed up late, shoves her infant in my face and asks to get in front of me, promising to sit down. I tell her the no sit rule. She thinks I'm lying. I am such a bitch.

Bob and I simultaneously decide to skip fireworks. We fight our way out of the park. It's too dark to knit on the way home, but traffic is good and we listen to the Padres beat Atlanta, so it's a great ride, especially since I'm not driving.

Although posed, this would be me if you managed to drag my butt into one of those dreaded teacups.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

One armed sweater. Finished inserting the first sleeve. Had to make sure the cap would fit. All is well. I only have about 5 inches done on the second sleeve. It'll be at least another week before this one's done. We're going to Disneyland! Maybe some knitting in the car on the way there, but doesn't look like I'll have that much time next week either.

It took 11 envelopes of Grape Kool Aid to get this purple color. Did it with 5 and as it dried didn't like it. Bought more and kept on adding. The Knitpicks yarn kept on sucking up the color. This will be used in socks along with the leftovers of the multicolored Kool Aid socks finished last week.

The week in review

I wish I had the time to do everything! I got some great books for Mother's Day, The Motorcycle Diaries and one by Charlaine Harris. Put them with my 400 plus TBR [to be read] stack of novels.

Monday was Sewing Guild meeting day. We worked on finishing the quilts for St. Jude's. My ugly quilt made 1 of 13. Outstanding for the 8 or so people who worked on them. Mostly by Janice, the group leader and accomplished quilter. There were 2 of us who had never really quilted before and we needed a lot of hand holding. Still had to take my quilt home to finish hand tying. I also took another, prettier one to complete.

So there was no knitting on Monday.

Tuesday through Thursday had me preparing and working on sewing the stuff for the daybed in my daughter's old room. She moved out to her own place and the only thing left is this daybed. Ideas have been percolating, and fabrics purchased. I lugged my sewing stuff - table, machines, cutting and ironing boards, and miscellaneous tools upstairs to the room. I haven't been using a pattern, just measuring and putting the stuff on the bed for size.

So far I've completed a dust ruffle, a fitted bedspread, 2 bolster covers and 5 pillow coverings. Almost done. 2 more pillows, then a valance and chair cover. Very little knitting has occured.

Did knitting workshop on Friday. Learned how to insert set in sleeve with crochet instead of sewing. Liked it.

Went to Padres baseball game. Happy hour in the Gaslamp. We won!

Maybe more knitting next week

Thursday, May 12, 2005

100 Things about me

Well, 65....

1. My first language was Spanish, but now my English is better.
2. I grew up in the South Bronx.
3. I met my husband when we were stationed in Spain.
4. I surprise myself by how conservative I’ve become.
5. I can read while doing simple knitting.
6. Country music is my favorite.
7. I have 2 adult daughters.
8. I grew up in a 4 room tenement apartment, sharing a bedroom with my older brothers until I was 12
9. My feet have grown to a size 9 ½. Usually a European size 40 fits best.
10. I am a shoe a holic and try to keep my collection down to 110 pairs.
11. I have 35 pairs of Birkenstocks
12. My hair is so tightly curly, I often just get it completely hacked off.
13. My husband is a Southerner.
14. I retired from the US Navy back in 96.
15. I did my undergraduate work at Princeton.
16. I studied Fashion Design at Mesa Community College with my GI Bill benefits.
17. I sew. A lot.
18. I taught high school Spanish in Massachusetts before joining the Navy.
19. My oldest brother died in 1977. He was 32.
20. My aunt taught me to knit and crochet when I was a preschooler. She only speaks Spanish.
21. I alphabetized my record, tape and CD collection.
22. I like to look at other people’s toes.
23. I read romance novels and have over 400 in my TBR [to be read] pile, which is, of course, alphabetized.
24. I am not an animal person and really, really dislike cats
25. I’m a bit of a neat freak.
26. We've been married since 1979.
27. I got my Masters Degree from the University of Rhode Island when I was stationed in Newport.
28. I still have my original Sears sewing machine I got back in college.
29. I also got a Boye Needlemaster set in college. Still have that too.
30. I am not the family cook.
31. I like to iron.
32. I watch entirely too much TeeVee.
33. I used to be a Navy officer with the rank of Commander.
34. I prefer to exercise outdoors and should have never joined that danged health club.
35. I sew garments and don’t see the point of quilting.
36. I feel naked if I leave the house without penciling in my overtweezed eyebrows.
37. Every year, I interview prospective Princeton applicants.
38. I’m photography buff and have around 30 hard copy photo albums – organized by date.
39. Although I spend a lot of money, I’m basically a cheapskate.
40. It bothers me to leave the house unless it’s tidy.
41. I keep copies of my digital photos stored in at least 2 different drives with backups in a safe deposit box on CDs.
42. I have collected old family photos from relatives, digitized and repaired them, and provided CDs of the collection to all as Xmas gifts.
43. I drive a PT Cruiser
44. I make my bed before I leave my bedroom in the morning.
45. I have personally driven across country 7 times as the only driver, 3 of which I was alone in the car.
46. I’m fat because I eat and drink too much and don’t exercise enough. No excuses. My genes and metabolism are just fine.
47. I turn on the computer and check my email before my 1st cup of morning coffee.
48. My toes are usually pedicured, but my hands sport unpolished nails.
49. I was on the faculty of the US Naval Academy
50. I have lived in my current home since 1991. I have never lived anywhere this long.
51. If I were to win a big lottery, I’d use some to remodel this old 1960s era house.
52. My favorite type of vacation is a road trip exploring new places.
53. I have been to 48 of 50 states. Only North Dakota and Alaska are left.
54. When I was in college, I participated in a march on the United Nations.
55. I love to knit socks.
56. My style of Continental knitting is known as the combined method.
57. My DH and I have each agreed to never dye our hair.
58. I do not have any tatoos
59. I have never had braces.
60. I like novels about vampires and other supernatural characters.
61. My current favorite author is Charlaine Harris.
62. I watch all the CSI and Law & Order shows.
63. We have 4 TVs, but none in any of the bedrooms.
64. We also have 5 computers – 2 desktops and 3 laptops on a wireless home network.
65. Our household has 3 people.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

After reading on Knitlist how AWFUL it was to keep your circulars in their original packages, I liberated my mish mash of non Addis with the tightly curled cables. Made this fancy cardboard holder [patent pending!] affixed to a classy coathanger with twist ties. I even took a hair dryer to them and they seemed to relax. I am still abusing the Addis in their original bags, because the cables behave just fine. These are my backups anyway and can stay in the family room closet whereas the Addis can easily hit the road as needed.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Workshop Friday

A good time, as always. I got help with figuring out what to do with my sleeve cap for the Peasant Pullover. Charlie is amazing. She just looked at it and knew how much I needed to increase and how to taper it off. Then she quickly diagramed the plan of attack. Now I have my homework for next Friday.

Look what the mailman brought me from Amazon! My knitting book diet starts today. I get a bit obsessive.

Used my 30% off coupon at Borders for this one

Last week's books from Amazon

I've gone book crazy. Got these within the last 2 months. I got the Workshop one FREE!!!!!

Finally finished my first pair of Kool Aid dyed socks. One pair down, two more to go.

Ugly Quilt! My first and most likely the last. Our neighborhood group for the Sewing Guild is making quilts for St. Judes. I was given all the bits of fabric with animals to put together in a 45" X 60" top and bottom. This is the 'good' side. We still have to the batting and tying on Monday.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Knitting Styles

I'm a continental combined knitter. I only recently learned that my style even had a name. I've come to learn that the way I form my purl stitches is the 'lazy' way. I've even been told it was wrong. Excuse me.....

Wendy turned me on to Zilboorg's Knitting for Anarchists and I just got Modesitt's Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. Both discuss Combined knitting, but I got confused when Modesitt said she switches to Western when going in the round. Then I realized she was taking great pains to name the style based on the LEADING LEG of the stitch. But really, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HOLE! I form my stitches the same way all the time whether I knit back and forth or with circulars. I pick [or wrap] the knits CLOCKWISE and the purls COUNTERCLOCKWISE. So what if this leaves the stitches mounted in different directions. It's the approach to the hole [the inside of the loop] that's important. I drew the diagram above about a year ago in attempt to show someone how I approached stitches.

I've had people say I cause myself problems, but I read patterns just fine. Way back when I first used a pattern, I had no clue a K2tog or an SSK were supposed to look different. The aunt who taught me how to knit when I was a preschooler did so in Spanish and she never used a pattern. She was also incredibly fast. Now I know an SSK means to decrease slanting this way \, whereas a K2tog goes /. After all these years I would love to knit like my beloved aunt used to. She'd ask me what kind of sweater I wanted. Color, designs like cables or flowers, and she'd just do it.

Anyway, there's my style. Quick with consistent results. Often don't have to look as I knit. That's why I get so much done while I watch TV.

I confess. I'm conceited enough to have come up with my own Knitting Philosophy. Actually, I just documented what I do. Never realized it was weird until DMIL knit by throwing yarn. Didn't realized I purled differently than anyone else until about 5 years ago.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Whistlestop Sunday. Heather and Inky. San Diego Magazine was there taking tons of pix for their June issue. Apparently the Whistlestop was voted the best bar in San Diego for knitting. We'll see who made the cut when the magazine hits the streets. It was great meeting everyone in person.

By request for Heather: Here's that shawl pin I got at Two Sisters and Ewe. I have one a tad smaller in a darker wood, but I use this one more often.

Maybe the 4th time will be the charm. Was knitting merrily along on this sleeve and didn't like the rate of increases. Every 6th row made it too wide too soon. Also, playing around with DPNs, a 16" circular and the 32" somehow messed with my gauge. The thing was tight and stiff and not at all like the drapey feel of the body. I've been knitting for days and only have these 4 inches to show for it.