Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spending money on needles, again!

I did it again. After looking all around the internet and locally, I found only one source that MAY have had the 40" US size 1 [2.25 mm] needles. I had to call to see if they had them. Did that yesterday. Was so tickled. I had made up this shopping list of all the needles I wanted, but told myself that if this vendor, The Needlepoint Joint, did not have the size 1's I wanted, it would be an omen. When she checked and had them, I gave her my wishlist. What they didn't have could be special ordered and sent right to me. $90 later....

Inox Express Sizes 1 &2 40"
Brittany wooden straight cable needles - set of 3
Addi turbo flex [flexible straights] in 0, 1, 2 and 10. I have the sizes in between. These were the boogers which added to the tab. I know I could use the Addi circulars, but I LIKE these.

Half the order will be mailed today, the rest will come along within the next 2 weeks.

http://www.needlepointjoint.com/index.html You have to call in your order, but it's an 800 number.

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Andrea said...

Ah, my beloved Needlepoint Joint comes through for yet another customer. :) It's even worse living close to the shop, as I give them a hefty percentage of my paycheck on a regular basis...