Thursday, April 28, 2005

Poncho sighting, con't

I'm not much of a poncho person, but this one was really stylish. It had a seam on either side of the front and back panels, so it appears the sleeves were made separately. But the direction of the stitches matched the direction on the main part, so it was more a rectangle.

See? Doesn't take much to excite me.

On a less creative note, the more I looked at the weird sleeve on my Peasant Pullover, the more wrong it looked, so it's been ripped back and I'm experimenting with a less square top, more of an oval set in sleeve shape. I can't just follow the pattern instructions since I made the overall sweater larger with deeper armholes AND don't want fullness the pattern calls for. Tell me why, at this stage in my life, would I need to things flapping around my upper arms in an otherwise fitted garment?

My weekly workshop session is tomorrow, so I'll bring it in to have the instructors and other knitters look at it and set me on the right track.

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