Saturday, April 30, 2005

Magic Looping and Workshop News

Friday is my favorite day of the week now that I get to go to my Knitting Workshop out in El Cajon. First I went to Borders in Mission Valley with my 30% off coupon trying to decide which knitting book to get. Had my eye on Folk Vests, Best of Knitter's Shawls and Scarves, and a Rowan Favorites big fat book. Ran into another knitter, got to talking, discovered we read some of the same blogs. Had a good laugh. Gave her my extra coupon, knowing I wouldn't be back to use it. Got the Shawls and Scarves one. Want to try my hand at a lacey shawl, especially since I can experiment inexpensively with the Knitpicks offerings.

Workshop was great as usual. We did a Show & Tell our our earliest knitting efforts. Brought in sweater pictured below. Someone had an EZ vest she'd made in the workshop back in the 70s. Yes, it's been going on that long. I only started this past August. Instructor pointed to EZs Knitting Workshop book on a table and said, "I think it's in here." A voice calls out, "That book's free for the taking." And I, who had actually been paying attention, was first to claim it. Score!

I ripped back my 2nd attempt at doing my set in sleeve on the Peasant Pullover top down. I should probably have read one of my many books telling me how. After conferring with Athena, the Workshop's trusty second in command, I'm just going to do it cuff up, with the shoulder shaping in the pattern. Boring. At least I'm doing the sleeve in the round.

Which brings me to Magic Loop. Got home to find my needles from The Needlepoint Joint had arrived. Got those size 1s out, got the sock I was working on, and figured out the Magic Loop thing. Hmm.. I go faster on DPNs, but it's a new skill. Realize 2 things. The join on the Inox Express is a bit rough, especially having to shove the stitches from the coil to the points. Catches and stops the flow. 2nd: the cable is too long. Put this pair back on the DPNs. Return to my sleeve, which at the cuff stage is on DPNs, try Magic Looping with my 32" Addis and it's great. Now I realize I probably didn't need to go out and buy those 12 pairs of 16" Addis. But such a pretty collection.


Nancy said...

I love the Magic Loop mostly because you dont have needles poking your wrists and you dont have to worry about one slipping off and having teeny tiny loops unraveling.

tania said...

hmmm, do I need those INOX size 1 & 2s afterall? Is the catching annoying or something that you think you'll get "used" to?

Nancy said...

I dont actually have Inox needles - I'm an Addi Turbo's lover personally - I never have catching problems because the joins are like buttah... BUTTAH I tell you!

Tania said...

Inox catch too much for me. I'm with Nancy, the Addis are like buttah [How did you know I was originally from NYC?]