Thursday, April 28, 2005

I was shopping at my local Henry's and almost attacked the woman in front of me in line to I could get a better look at her poncho because it had sleeves! She'd mentioned something about "Newport catalog", so after an aborted attempt at drawing the thing, I googled and found it at Newport News Fashion. The description reads, "Angora-blend poncho
Ultra-soft cowlneck poncho has long sleeves with folded ribbed cuffs. Ramie/angora blended with acrylic/nylon in a mix of stitches; fringe trim. Hand wash. Imported."

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haze said...

The Rowan All Seasons Collection has a poncho with sleeves.It is plain stockinette though I imagine it can be easily modified. Also Goddess Yarns has a kit for sale at for another plain stockinette poncho w/sleeves