Sunday, April 24, 2005

I figured out the sidebar!

Well, some of it anyway.

The reason I enjoy being retired so much is I get a lot of enjoyment from the little things in life. Figuring out how to change the button link for the webring from a blank X to one of the little San Diego webring pix provided was a triumph. Then I ciphered how to add the link for all my online photo albums. Oh, the joy of it all.

If you do click on the PHOTO ALBUMS, you'll have access to hundreds of pix at my Webshots site. One is devoted to knitting in general, another to knitted socks. A lot are from The Southbay Seamrippers, the neighborhood group of the American Sewing Guild I belong to. I'm the photographer for the group and keep a hard copy photo album for the non-internet members. My interest in knitting was rekindled at an ASG quarterly meeting where some of those North County Knitters showed off their stuff. Then another ASG person turned me on to socks and raved about the Knitting Workshop.

There are the family pix. Here's where you'll find yours truly in uniform. Last summer [when it was too hot to knit] I spent many hours at the computer scanning and repairing old family photographs. Several aunts trusted me with some of their favorite photos which I scanned and played with using Photo Elements. These folks are around 80, so I was quite happy to get names and places from them. It was a wonderful interlude down memory lane. These are in the 2 Vintage Family photos albums.

Since the elderly relatives don't have or want computers, I put all the pix on a CD. I learned they all had DVD players, and the one who didn't promptly got one for about $40. They could see them all on the TV. I was overwhelmed by how happy they all were. My mom said it was the best present she'd ever had. Now, if I could only get her to part with her photo collection. But she's in Virginia Beach and wants me to come get them. This all gave me the idea to burn CDs for all the cousins and pop them in with the Christmas cards. In a way, it was a handmade present.

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tania said...

aha! You have a blog...good deal...I finished up my purple diagonal rib sock last night and really wished that I had the wooly nylon to reinforce the heel and toe! Thanks again for the tip on that :)